We were a group of 8 friends who planned a trip to Goa. Firstly I thought it was a joke, but it came to me as a surprise that all things were planned only we needed the permission of our parents.

We all knew that we won’t get the permission but we took a chance and got them to convincing us to send all of us to Goa. So, we all arranged a meeting in the cafe and distributed all our tasks between us.

All things went as planned all of our parents dropped us at the airport. Some of our friends have been to Goa with their parents but all of us were ready to have a crazy long weekend.

We all were on time but due to over-excitement, we entered in the last call of our plane. The boy's gang was excited about the parties and the places we were going to travel to.

Due to overexcitement, we were like acting that we were traveling for the first time. We all wanted a break from the busy schedule. On the flight we were playing cards, playing ludo. The noise we were creating made the air hostess keep us calm. in We were like having a picnic on the plane. We all screamed as the plane landed in Goa.

We landed in Goa and sat in our taxi and went to our hotel. On the way, we sang songs, made vlogs, and did too much nonsense that one can bear. We all captured all our rooms and got ready for a night ride in Goa. It was around 1 am in the night we rented the bikes as planned and went out for dinner. We went to a beach cafe had dinner and came back and slept for few hours and the night ends.

I woke up around 6 am for the sunrise. I set up my phone for the time-lapse. After that went to all my friend's room woke them up. After that, we all got ready for a great adventure. We took our bikes and went to Morjim Beach. On the way, we had fun. We almost spend our time till evening on the beach. Around 7 pm we had some snacks in Rainbow restaurant and went to our hotel and spend our whole night sitting in one room and having a blast.

We all slept around 6 am and woke up at 12 in the afternoon. After getting ready we went to have South Indian cuisine. It was around 3 pm we rode our bikes and were having fun of the roads and the beauty of Goa. In the evening we went to have a party. We all spent around 6 hours and then again went to the hotel and slept in the same clothes.

As was planned we got ready and were having breakfast. One of the girls found the lizard and got scared so I got the duty to get it out of her room. After all this craziness. We went on our bikes and went to a new place to discover. Firstly we went to see Chapora Fort also famous as Dil Chahata Hai fort because there was a Bollywood film shot there.

After clicking photos there we went to see some churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of Our Lady of the Mount, Church of St. Cajetan after all this exploring we went again to a beach and played beach ball with some of the new people we met in Goa.

After that, we had our dinner and went hotel. Around 1 am I and one of my friends went for a ride on our bikes as we can’t sleep and we were getting bored too.

As was planned we went to Calangute Beach for water sports. I did all kinds of sports from jet skiing parasailing and much more. As we were a group of 8 people we bargained but that didn't work out.

Trying these water sports was a unique experience and is worth remembering.

After all this time spending with friends, we came to know each other very well. It was a lifetime experience and was worth remembering.

On our way to Delhi, we all were happy about going on this trip, and was really worth it. On our way home we posted all our pictures and vlogs and blogs as well.

On my advice, every friend group deserves this trip to Goa.

I wont blog about my trips If you want to experience , come join me on my next trip.